How A Single Event Can Change Lives

Have you ever wondered how to gain an edge on your recruitment? Why not give the University Sports Program (USP) College Tennis Circuit a try?

How A Single Event Can Change Lives

The Showcase Circuit has given players exposure to hundreds of college coaches on site in a tournament-like environment for over a decade. Most  players are juniors or seniors in High School and even junior college transfers. NCAA coaches from division I, II and III routinely have attended the USP  showcases, along with NAIA and NJCAA representatives.

What makes this event a great advantage in player’s recruitment is the end results, over 90% of players attending end up signing to play college tennis,  and more of 2/3 do so with schools that see them play live at the showcase.

Moreover, the USP event differentiates from other Showcases by never turning players away due to the lack of results or ranking. Admissions are on  “first come first serve” basis, regardless of level.

For coaches, this has been the most intriguing part of the event. The chance of finding out a recruiting gem that no-one has ever heard of. For over a decade, more than 450 college coaches have participated in the USP Showcases and every year it strives to become a much better recruiting tool for both players and coaches.

In its latest edition, this past Spring it was added live video streaming and free non-edited recruitment video recording. Participants were evaluated by ex-college players for an honest opinion on the present level and areas of improvement.

The most eye-catching addition was a College Tennis Combine, done by one of the leading training companies Excel Sports Performance (ESP) that tested and rated speed, agility and jumping ability, bringing to the table physical analytics for coaches to factor into their player profiles.

Combining the already mentioned tools, a tournament-style competition, and Q&A Coaches session, USP aims to keep over 120 prospective students-athletes and more than 80 expected attending college coaches engaged throughout the upcoming Winter Showcase, this coming November 30 – December 01 at Sunrise Tennis Club in Florida.

USP now has added a dashboard to their Showcase online platform that will guide participants step by step to improve the chances to be recruited at the showcase and beyond.

Right after signing up and confirming their spot, players will be able to interact with coaches that have confirmed participation using a set of personalized communication strategy, giving them an opportunity to socialize with coaches months ahead of the showcase. USP will also provide recruiting tools, as an E-book 7 Steps To Win A College Athletic Scholarship to download from within the dashboard.

In addition, the system will keep tabs, sending reminders to both players and parents of all the pending tasks remaining until the event, such as reserving a hotel, filling their profile with up to date information, college assessment, reserving training, scheduling college tours etc.