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We believe in college education and we are here to help students find the right University.

Our guidance helps families to navigate the overwhelming process of college selection, recruitment, and admissions.

USP helps families secure the future of their young students by guiding them to the best possible university where they will maximize their potential.


Started working with Students & Athletes

+ 1950

Students and Athletes Placed

+ 159 M

Dollars Raised in Scholarships

We believe our work matters. Why? Because our work is about you.

So whether you’re a parent looking out for your teen's future, a high school student dreaming about the perfect school, an athlete looking for an opportunity to shine in college sports, or a college student feeling you could do better at a different school - we have a solution for you.

Meet The Team

We have selected a multi-disciplinary team of passionate and caring advisors that will guide you every step of the way. Former college athletes, academic advisors, education professionals, marketers, and more. Combined with a pluricultural background that reflects the global spirit of our organization.

Meet The Team

We have selected a multi-disciplinary team of passionate, knowledgeable and caring advisors that will guide you every step of the way. These include former college athletes, academic advisors, education professionals, and more. We each come from a multicultural background that reflects the global spirit of our organization.

It all started back in 1994

Thomas Anderson, our CEO and Founder, envisioned a new business and a whole new industry in a time when organized college recruiting for alternative sports was non-existent. Using his own experience as a College Tennis Player at New Mexico Military Institute and later at New Mexico State University, Thomas decided to help a few friends and players he knew from back home.

What started as a few letters and recommendations evolved into a small business. In 1994, Thomas founded the University Sports Program, now USP, offering college recruiting guidance for student-athletes.

From a garage office at Thomas’ house, hundreds of letters and video cassettes were sent to college coaches all across the USA. Thomas’ style and his on-spot recommendations developed a solid reputation that remains.

Now, with headquarters in Miami, a team of +25 global advisors working with over a hundred and fifty students a year and having successfully placed more than 1,800 students, USP keeps growing and looking into the future with great ambition.

We are determined to become the number one choice for students and athletes across the globe looking for guidance in choosing the right university.

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Our Core Values


We Are a Team

We are not just a group of employees or co-workers, we consider ourselves a team. We win together, we lose together, and we all do what’s best and needed for the success of our team and our clients.


Our Clients success is our success

We care deeply about our clients' success, and we only measure our company's success based on our students’ achievements.


The right fit

Our students’ interest always comes first. We won’t stop searching, we won’t stop trying, we won’t stop pushing - until we find the right fit university. Finding the perfect school for each student is our mission.


We care

We genuinely care about each one of our students. We want to know as much as we can of each one: what is important, what are their goals, what makes them happy. Each one of our students is unique.


We are kind

We serve with kindness, generosity, consideration, and concern for others, without expecting praise or rewards.

Join Our Team

We are always searching for passionate people who enjoy helping and inspiring others. If you want to be part of the excitement of university advising or USA College Intercollegiate Athletics, please submit the following information and we will contact you.

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We exist to guide students and athletes on their transformational journey, secure their future, and see them thrive.