Get to Know Carlos Dodero

Carlos Dodero is one of the advisors at USP. He took the time to answer some questions for us.

Get to Know Carlos Dodero

Carlos came to the US from Madrid to go to college. He currently still is in College, allowing him to understand the depth of going to college during these times. His personal experience has allowed him to better connect with his clients. While only being a part of the team for 6 months, Carlos has proved to be a great advisor and team member and we are very grateful for him. Keep reading to learn more about Carlos Dodero.


USP: Tell us about your background. Where are you from?
Carlos Dodero: I am from Madrid, the capitol of Spain. I grew up and lived in Madrid till I took the step to go study in the USA.

USP: Where did you go to college?
Carlos Dodero: I have actually been to three different universities. My first stop was Eastern Kentucky University. After that I went to the West Virginia Wesleyan College. I went to both with a tennis scholarship. Now I am finishing my studies at West Virginia University. However, I am not a tennis student there because they do not have men’s tennis team.

USP: How long have you been at USP and what has been your proudest experience since working with us?
Carlos Dodero: I have been with USP for 6 months, where I have learned a lot and met a team of amazing people. My proudest experience without a doubt was the 2021 Winter Showcase in Naples. The atmosphere that we created there was very special. 

USP: Is there any student or client that you’ve worked with that has had a lasting impression on you?
Carlos Dodero: 
To be honest I really connect with all my clients. Since I am still in college, I feel that it makes it easier for my clients to relate to me and to feel comfortable with me. All the clients I have had have impressed me.

USP: What is your most important advice for a student and for the parents?
Carlos Dodero: My advice for students and parents that are going through this process is to be patient. I also suggest that if possible, don’t just look for a full scholarship, look for the best place where the student can perform and grow.