USP concludes its 2022 Annual Team Convention with exciting news

The college recruiting giant welcomes the new year with lofty goals

USP concludes its 2022 Annual Team Convention with exciting news

Miami, Florida: USP reported this past week during its second annual Team Convention an increase in revenue of 99% compared to 2020.

“2021 was without a doubt an amazing year for our company,” says Thomas Anderson, founder, and CEO of USP. “What was accomplished was in huge part due to the passion of our staff and the trust placed by each family in USP.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

  • New hiring and certification of personnel. USP now has 28 full-time staff members in different regions around the world.

  • The participation of 302 players and 247 Universities in the 2021 USP College Tennis Showcases.

  • A grand total of $3,705,809 was awarded to USP clients in athletic, financial aid, and/or academic scholarships.

  • On average, USP clients received $32,500 annually, $130,000 in total college savings, in scholarship.

  • USP clients Recommendation Metric was raised to 88.9%. An increase of 18.1% vs 2020.

The USP Class of 2021 is the largest and more diversified class in USP history. 117 Student-Athletes (30% Growth) guided to colleges from all across the USA:

  • 44.1% of clients signed to compete for NCAA D1 institutions
  • 28.2% of clients signed to compete for NCAA D2 institutions
  • 14.5% of clients signed to compete for NCAA D3 institutions
  • 6% of clients signed to compete for NAIA institutions
  • 4.3% of clients signed to compete for NJCAA institutions

“I know 2022 is going to become an even better year,” Anderson said. “We have a great team with a strong drive to help our students. We thrive to overcome challenges and do not stop until our job is done”

The Convention gathered 25 team members connecting on the video call from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, UK, France, Spain, Bolivia, Indonesia, and different States in the USA.

Plans and Goals for the new year:

In addition to presenting last year’s results, the USP HQ Team announced the company goals and plans for the year 2022, focusing on 7 important areas:

  1. The New Umbrella Brand
  2. Smooth Operations
  3. Record-Breaking Sales
  4. Mind-Blowing Events
  5. Focused Marketing Strategies
  6. Technology Evolution
  7. World Class Service Experience (College Placement)

“This is by far the most exciting year-plan we have made, big things are coming.” Says Carlos Onate, Marketing and Events Coordinator. “We are proud to see how much our company has grown over the years but we are looking ahead, planning for new things, new projects, and working hard to help more and more families.”

About USP: Under the tagline, “Our Guidance. Your Dream University.” USP has been a part of the recruiting world for the past 27 years. USP helps families secure the future of their young students by guiding them to the best possible university where they will maximize their potential.

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