The College System

College Admissions

This section will explain a handful of things that are essential to your admission.

College Admissions

When applying to college, being well organized will be key. You should create a to-do list, defining the things that need to be done which  will simplify the entire process. You also need to know all the factors that colleges will look at when considering your admission.

  • Here are the most important requirements that colleges ask from applicants:
    • Personal information: In the first portion of a college application, students will have to provide plenty of information about themselves, their school, and their family.
    • High school transcripts: Colleges will ask for your official high school transcripts, which is a record of the courses that you have completed and the grades you earned.
    • Standardized test scores: Includes your SAT and/or ACT scores sent by College Board or by ACT directly to each institution.
      If you are an international student (living in a non-English speaking country), the TOEFL (or an alternative English test) will also be required.
    • Letters of recommendation: Colleges very often ask students to submit two to three letters of recommendation from non-family members
    • Essay: a written statement that is required when applying to some colleges and universities. Most schools make essays optional or supplementary. Essay topics range from being very specific to open-ended.

You want to make sure that you prioritize your applications based on the deadlines and that you don’t miss any, you also want to maximize the use of the Common App, applying to multiple universities with only one form. 

Interview for Admissions (If requested): A student interview may be required in some cases, but usually for undergraduate admission, this is not the case. Still, some schools would be willing to schedule a student admissions interview upon request. International students may find a student interview especially important.

College Entrance Exams

SAT and ACT are the standardized tests for students to gain college admission in the U.S. Both tests generally cover the same topics with slightly different methods. Most colleges do not prefer one test over the other. Both tests are equally important for your college admission. The SAT and ACT are closely related, both containing similar sections like Reading and Math, offering an optional essay. There are some differences to take into consideration

SAT scores range from 0-1600.
ACT scores range from 0-36.

Science section that consists of
40 questions in 35 minutes
Does not have a Science
Math section is worth 25% Math Section is worth 50%
Larger orientation to Geometry Larger orientation to Algebra
Does not have evidence supported questions in the reading section Contains evidence-supported
questions in the reading section
Formulas not provided Formulas provided


There are many resources available to students who are preparing for these standardized tests such as reviewing content that were previously learned, catching and reviewing mistakes, taking practice tests, and very importantly, keeping your health in check. Watching your health is a must due to the amount of stress it can bring to a student.

For International students there are two exams that are universities are willing to accept.

-TOEFL: measures your ability to understand English at the college level (This test calculates your English level by evaluating four different abilities; reading, listening, speaking, and writing).
– Duolingo: This is an online and on-demand test, that can be taken anywhere, anytime.

  • No traveling to a test center or appointment needed
  • Results are available within 48 hours of completing the test, and can be shared with anyone, immediately

*The Duolingo test is considerably more affordable than the TOEFL*


This is a very important part of your college application. It’s your chance to talk about who you are and highlight your strengths as a student and as a promising young person, things that can’t be seen from test scores and your GPA. 

A few tips you should focus on when writing your essay are:

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Start with a compelling introduction
  • Use your inner voice
  • Avoid cliches
  • Give good examples to support your ideas
  • Make sure to not drift from certain points throughout the essay
  • PROOFREAD your work