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Competitive and Overwhelming!

The process of college selection, admissions, and recruitment can be very challenging. Maybe you know the feeling:

Are you worried that the admission requirements might be too difficult for you?

Are you afraid that you don’t have what it takes to get into your dream university?

Do you worry you won't stand out from other applicants?

Are you confused by all the different rankings and colleges?

Are you afraid that all your hard work and sacrifice won't have been worth it?

Your college decision is one of the most important choices of your life, you shouldn’t settle for just any college.

Wouldn’t it be great to be confident you’ll make the right decision?

With our guidance, families are able to better navigate the overwhelming process of college selection, recruitment, and admissions.

We exist to guide students and athletes on their transformational journey, secure their future, and see them thrive.

The Pathway to Success:

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Admissions Promise

Everyone, no matter your profile or where you are in the process, benefits from guidance. USP strives to provide families with a stress-free and successful college placement process.

USP offers different plans that are designed to meet your needs and your budget.

If admitted to our program, we guarantee to find the best school within your budget. We will fight to get you the maximum amount of scholarship and/or financial aid possible.

We work together as a team and always keep in mind your needs and goals. You make the choices and decisions with our advice and guidance.

Of course! There’s a college for every student. We will build your college list based on your profile.

Regardless of your profile, we guarantee to find the best opportunity possible: a school that gives you the highest chance of succeeding inside and outside the classroom.

If you are admitted into our program, it is because we are certain that we will find a school that’s right for you.

Recruiting and admission timelines are key elements in a successful college placement. If admitted to USP, it is because we believe there will be enough time to achieve all requirements prior to the student’s college entrance term.

We have 28 years of experience plus 1800 placed students and athletes. We invite you to see our testimonials.

Overcome your fear of rejection and let us guide you to your dream university.

Which Program is Right for You?


We will work together to create an effective recruiting plan.

Students and Advisors will work together until college placement has successfully been achieved. Starting with a solid college list that fits your athletic potential, academic level, affordability, and personal preferences. Read more

Then communicate with all college coaches on your list, to let them know why YOU are their best option.

The University Sports Program has helped over a thousand student-athletes achieve their maximum potential on and off the field.


We will help you identify and apply to the best-fit universities for you.

Students and Advisors will work together until college admission has successfully been achieved. It covers the entire application process including admissions and support until college arrival. Read more

We will work in many areas including, Goal setting, Academic and Career assessments, Life Skills Assessment and guidance, SAT & SAT Diagnostic Tests, College planning, College research and selection, Guidance for College essays, College applications, Decision making, and admissions.

Go from confused and without direction
to successful and admired.

Beyond college, we are determined to help our students find the best version of themselves and achieve their highest potential.

When our students finish the program, they will not only be ready to start their college education, but they will also be able to overcome the transition of leaving their home, and they will have all the necessary tools to succeed in the job market, allowing them to become independent professional adults.